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Prospective jurors are never contacted by email or telephone for failure to serve jury duty.

Anyone who receives an email or telephone call demanding payment or personal information is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency to file a report and the Yuba County Jury Department at 530-740-1890.

Criminal Division


The District Attorney acts as the State’s prosecutor on behalf of the People, as crimes committed are considered a public offense against society.

In rare exceptions, the State Attorney General’s Office may prosecute a case, and the Criminal Grand Jury may Indict someone with an alleged crime. The prosecuting attorney presents the charge against the accused person (defendant) on behalf of the State (plaintiff), and must prove to the judge or jury that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

California statutes generally classify a crime as either a felony or a misdemeanor. A felony is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment in a state prison or by death. A misdemeanor is a lesser offense than a felony and generally is punishable by fine or imprisonment in county jail rather than in a state penitentiary.

Our office cannot provide legal advice. However, you may refer to the Quick Link section to download our packets that can provide you with further information and resources, or check the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQs) below.

Information & FAQs

Click on the topics and FAQs below for more information on Criminal Court.

  • If you were ordered to pay a fine to the “court” you may send your payment to the Criminal Division (address above) or pay it in person at the Criminal Division, Windows 12 through 15. DO NOT MAIL CASH.
  • If you were ordered to pay your fine through the Collections Division (installment payments) please contact the Collections Division at (530)740-1830.

A misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail, or by fine, or both. Defendants who plead guilty to a misdemeanor may be sentenced during the arraignment, unless the judge wishes to postpone sentencing in order to study a probation report.

During the arraignment, if a defendant pleads not guilty to a misdemeanor, the judge will set the date for a trial. The trial will be held within 30 days if the defendant is in custody or within 45 days if the defendant is not in custody, unless the defendant waives the right to a speedy trial (waives time).

A felony is a crime punishable by death, or imprisonment in the state prison, formal probation or county jail and fines. If a defendant pleads guilty to a felony at the arraignment, he or she must be represented by an attorney (unless the defendant, in a non-capital case, waives the right to one). After a guilty plea, the judge will set the case for sentencing.

If a defendant pleads not guilty to a felony, a preliminary hearing is held. At this hearing the prosecutor must show evidence that the defendant committed a felony and should be brought to trial. If the judge decides there is enough evidence, the defendant will be arraigned a second time in superior court, where the defendant again will be formally charged, rights will be explained, and a plea will be made. The case may proceed to jury trial at that point.

Contact the Criminal Division at (530)740-1800, Option 4.

All misdemeanors and felonies require a mandatory court appearance. Extensions will not be granted. You must appear at the Court on the date and time as directed on your release paper or arraignment letter. WARNING: Failure to appear may result in a warrant for your arrest.


To request a sentence modification, you must be placed on the walk-in calendar. To do so, contact the Criminal Division.


You must contact your attorney or submit your request in writing to the Criminal Division, Yuba County Superior Court, 215 Fifth Street, Suite 200, Marysville, CA 95901.

Warrants can be cleared by reporting to your local law enforcement agency or county jail. The jail is located on the north side of the Yuba County Courthouse in Marysville on Sixth Street between “B” Street and “C” Streets. The mailing address for the Yuba County Jail, other than inmate mail, is 215 Fifth Street, Suite #150, Marysville, CA 95901. The telephone number for the jail is: (530) 749-7740.

If the defendant does not appear in court as required, the Court can order any, or all of the following actions:

  • Forfeiture of bail or bond.
  • Issuance of a warrant.
  • Suspension of the defendant's driver’s license.
  • An additional violation alleging a failure to appear. The punishment for this violation can be an additional jail term and/or a fine.
  • Imposition of an additional $300.00 civil assessment pursuant to Penal Code § 1214.1.

If you did not go to court on the day and time your hearing was scheduled, you need to contact your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, contact the Criminal Division at (530)-740-1800, Option 4, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Warrant information cannot be provided over the telephone. For further information regarding warrants, please inquire in person at the Criminal Division.

If you do not hire your own lawyer, you can ask the Court to appoint one. To do this, you must go to your first court appearance and ask the judge. If the Court determines the defendant meets the qualifications, an attorney will be appointed.

When the court appoints a public defender, or other counsel, a determination may be made of the defendant's ability to pay fees for services. If the Court determines the defendant has the ability to pay, the Court will order that the defendant must pay all or part of the costs. Such an order has the same force and effect as a civil judgment.

You will not be allowed in the courtroom with a child. Be sure to make alternative arrangements for child care so that you do not miss your court date.

No shorts or tank tops are allowed in the courtroom. You will be asked to remove your hat and sunglasses. Food, drinks, and gum chewing are NOT allowed in the courtroom. Weapons are NOT allowed in the Courthouse.

If a defendant is in custody, he or she has the right to an arraignment. At this hearing the judge will officially tell defendants about their constitutional rights and explain the charges against them. Also, bail (property, usually money, temporarily given to ensure that a person released from custody will return at an appointed time) may be raised or lowered. Defendants will be asked to plead to the charges against them: guilty, not guilty, or, in some cases, nolo contendere (no contest).

In-Custody arraignments generally are heard at 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Check the court calendar posted in the second floor lobby for specific times and departments, or contact the Criminal Division at (530) 740-1800, Option 4.

You can find out whether someone who has been arrested is in custody by calling the Yuba County Jail at (530) 749-7740, or visit their link at:

You are able to self-refer to a DUI school or program. If you would like to be referred by the judge, you will need to appear on the walk-in calendar for a misdemeanor. You must call or come in to the Criminal Division one week in advance to be scheduled for the walk-in calendar. If you have a felony violation, you will need to contact your attorney.

Refunds on cash bail are processed automatically upon court order. It takes approximately 6 - 8 weeks from the date of the court order to receive your refund. The refund check will be made payable to the depositor named on the bail receipt.

If you are the victim of a crime, there are resources available to you. Please contact the District Attorney’s Office at (530)749-7770 or Victim Witness Assistance at (530) 741-6275.

The State of California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board’s web site is also an excellent resource for victims.

The Court’s Collection Division will attempt to collect victim restitution that is ordered by the Court as part of a criminal case. However, we must have the victim’s current contact information to be able to forward payment. If you are the victim of a crime where victim-restitution has been ordered, please be sure to provide the Collections Division staff with your current contact information. This information will be kept confidential. The Collections Division staff can be reached at:

Yuba County Superior Court
Court Collections Division

215 Fifth Street, Suite. 200
Marysville, CA 95901
Phone: (530) 740-1830

  • All requests for record searches must be submitted in writing to the Criminal Division, Yuba County Superior Court, 215 Fifth Street, Suite 200, Marysville, CA 95901, along with a $15.00 fee for EACH name to be searched. Copy fees are $.50 per page. Certified copy fees are $40.00 per document plus $.50 per page. Please submit a self-addressed stamped return envelope with your request.
  • The Court provides a public computer in the Information Center that can be used to look up cases, and many document images, on our database. The Information Center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of Court Holidays.

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