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If you are sick

and are charged with a felony, you are expected to appear via Zoom, unless you are in the hospital.  You should contact your attorney or the clerk’s office for the Zoom information and not miss your court date.  

Grand Jury

Yuba County Grand Jury

The Grand Jury's role has its basis in the U.S. Constitution (Fifth Amendment), in the California State Constitution (Art. 1, Sec 23), and in numerous statutes of the State of California.  It functions as an arm of the judicial branch of government, and at the local level, operates under the authority of the Superior Court.

The Superior Court is only responsible for empaneling and swearing-in the Grand Jury. Once the Grand Jury is empaneled, the Superior Court is not involved in the administration of the Grand Jury.

For information regarding current and past Grand Jury activities, please visit the County of Yuba website.

Yuba County Grand Jury

Empanelment of the Grand Jury

2022/2023 Grand Jury Recruitment Press Release

The Yuba County Superior Court Jury Commissioner, Heather Pugh, announced Wednesday, April 6 2022, that Yuba County Superior Court is currently accepting applications for 2022/2023 Yuba County Grand Jury members.  Each year over 75 applications and many nominations are received to become a member of this elite group.  Grand jurors join together to review and help shape local government practices and investigate community concerns.  “Our local grand jury is comprised of 19 sworn jurors and several alternates who are trained by the California Grand Juror’s Association.  Service is for one year with the opportunity to hold over a second year.  It’s wonderful to see 19 strangers form a strong active body that helps the community in so many ways.  We look forward to meeting our pool of potential grand jurors during interviews. I am always impressed at the scope of talented individuals who come together on the grand jury.  We might have a rocket scientist sitting next to an agricultural biology professor and the office manager of your local dentist.  So many areas of expertise all working on our grand jury,” said Pugh. 

Applicants must be 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States and a resident of Yuba County for one year.  Past grand jury reports and responses may be reviewed at Applications may be found below.   The court will be accepting applications now through April 22, 2022 via USPS, email or in person at the Yuba County Courthouse.  Further information and applications may also be obtained and or submitted at Yuba County Superior Court Jury Services – 215 Fifth Street, Suite 200, Marysville, CA.  530-740-1890 (telephone hours are 10am to 3pm) or email

Grand Jury Application

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