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Prospective jurors are never contacted by email or telephone for failure to serve jury duty.

Anyone who receives an email or telephone call demanding payment or personal information is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency to file a report and the Yuba County Jury Department at 530-740-1890.

Grand Jury

Yuba County Grand Jury

The Grand Jury's role has its basis in the U.S. Constitution (Fifth Amendment), in the California State Constitution (Art. 1, Sec 23), and in numerous statutes of the State of California.  It functions as an arm of the judicial branch of government, and at the local level, operates under the authority of the Superior Court.

The Superior Court is only responsible for empaneling and swearing-in the Grand Jury. Once the Grand Jury is empaneled, the Superior Court is not involved in the administration of the Grand Jury.

For information regarding current and past Grand Jury activities, please visit the County of Yuba website.

Yuba County Grand Jury

Empanelment of the Grand Jury

2022/2023 Grand Jury Recruitment Press Release

MARYSVILLE, Calif. (February 6, 2023) Presiding Judge Debra L. Givens has announced that the Superior Court of California, County of Yuba is seeking volunteers to serve on the 2023-2024 Civil Grand Jury.

The civil grand jury is an investigatory body created for the protection of society and enforcement of the law.   Civil grand juries act as guardians for the county and cities of Yuba.  The primary responsibilities of the grand jury include examining all aspects of county government ensuring that public monies are being handled judiciously and all accounts are properly audited – in general, guaranteeing honest, efficient government in the best interest of the residents of Yuba County.  Each year the grand jury publishes a final report summarizing their findings and providing recommendations for study and action.  The grand jury serves for one year from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Grand jury service affords citizens the unique opportunity to give back to their community and contribute to the efficiency of local government by developing innovative recommendations for improving government operations.  Grand jurors will have a desire to work with one another for the betterment of the government, which in truth, belongs to all of us.

Judge Givens noted, “Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in selection events in early May, 2023.   During the selection process, a superior court judge will interview groups of applicants and recommend the most qualified to become the pool from which the civil grand jury will be randomly selected. A total of 19 jurors will be sworn, and up to 11 will serve as alternates on June 29, 2023.”

“The best grand jurors are interested, curious, persistent and passionate about improving the effectiveness of local government. There is no particular background, training, or experience required to serve as a grand juror; all civic minded individuals who share a dedication to democratic ideals are encouraged to apply” stated, Yuba County Superior Court, CEO, Heather Pugh.

Grand jury eligibility includes the following:  US citizenship, minimum age 18, and residency in the County of Yuba for at least one year, ordinary intelligence, good character and a working knowledge of the English language.

Grand jury service provides a significant opportunity to give back to our community by contributing to the efficiency of local government while developing recommendations for improving local government operations.

For further information please contact Robyn Hauck, Yuba County Jury Services, (530)740-1890, telephone hours 8:30AM to 3:30PM Monday through Friday.  Interested parties are encouraged to complete an application below and email the completed application to subject line Grand Jury Application or mail completed application to Yuba County Superior Court, Grand Jury Application, 215 5th Street, Suite 200, Marysville, CA  95901.

Grand Jury Application

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