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We are closed Friday, Sept 22 2023

in observance of Native American Day.

If you are sick

and are charged with a felony, you are expected to appear via Zoom, unless you are in the hospital.  You should contact your attorney or the clerk’s office for the Zoom information and not miss your court date.  

Judicial Assignments

Judicial Officers

Yuba County Superior Court has five elected judges.  Superior court judges are elected in nonpartisan elections to a term of six years.  If a vacancy occurs between elections, the governor makes an appointment to complete the term.

A “commissioner” is an attorney who is appointed by the court and given the power to hear and make decisions in certain kinds of legal matters.

A “pro tem judge” is an attorney who is appointed by the court and stipulated by the parties to hear and make decisions in certain types of cases.

Elected Superior Court Judges

Current Courtroom: Department 1

Current Assignments

Presiding Judge
Juvenile Law/Guardianships
Drug Court/Prop 36

Current Courtroom: Department 2

Current Assignments

Criminal Law
Infraction Arraignment
Misdemeanor Trials
Traffic Court Trials

Current Courtroom: Department 3

Current Assignments

Criminal Law
Felony Trials

Current Courtroom: Department 4

Current Assignments

Case Management Conference
LPS Conservatorships
Probate and Civil Law
Small Claims
Unlawful Detainers

Current Courtroom: Department 5

Current Assignments

Presiding Judge, Appellate Division
Family Law
Domestic Violence

Non-Elected Superior Judicial Officers

Current Courtroom: Department 6

Current Assignments

Title IV-D Child Support Cases

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