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Grand Jury Recruitment Underway through April 28, 2023

Yuba County Superior Court is currently accepting applications for 2023/2024 Yuba County Grand Jury members. Click here for more information.

If you are sick

and are charged with a felony, you are expected to appear via Zoom, unless you are in the hospital.  You should contact your attorney or the clerk’s office for the Zoom information and not miss your court date.  

Online Case Access

Yuba County Superior Court offers different levels of online access, depending on if you are a party, attorney, member of the press, or a member of the public. Please see the applicable section below.

Public Access

Use our records portal for register of actions for current cases and completed cases dating back to 1999. No registration required.

Use the portal to:

  • View case information or scheduled hearings
  • Pay criminal and traffic fines and fees

A lack of case records after conducting a search may indicate (1) the case is not a Yuba Superior Court case, (2) the case is confidential and cannot be viewed without specific party-level case access, or (3) the search was conducted using an alias. 

You can access our portal by clicking on the button below.

Go to our Portal

Attorney Access

If you are an attorney, you are able to get online access to those cases where you are an attorney of record on the case.

To get access to those cases where you are an attorney of record, please fill out the form listed below. Your California Bar Number must match the Bar Number on the court case.

Attorney Access Request Agreement Form

Once you are granted access, you can view your documents by accessing our case Portal:

Go to our Portal 

Party Access

If you are a party in a case, you may be able to access your case documents online.

If you are a party in a case and would like online access to your case documents, you must fill out a Party Designee Access Request Form along with proof of identity.

Party Designee Access Request Form

If you prefer to submit the form and proof of identity using encrypted email, please email and request an encrypted email.

Once you are granted access, you can access your cases through the court Portal:

Go to our Portal 

Press Review Access

If you are from a verified press agency, you may be qualified to view Unlimited Civil filings that have been e-filed.

To get access to the Press Review Tool, you must first fill out a request form. Your email domain must match the domain of a press website.

Press Review Access Form

Once you are granted access, you can access the Press Review Portal by clicking below:

Go to the Press Review Portal 



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