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Prospective jurors are never contacted by email or telephone for failure to serve jury duty.

Anyone who receives an email or telephone call demanding payment or personal information is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency to file a report and the Yuba County Jury Department at 530-740-1890.



Court reporters prepare a verbatim (word-for-word) record of court proceedings. Yuba County Superior Court provides staff court reporters for all felony and most misdemeanor criminal matters, as well as juvenile delinquency and dependency cases as provided by statute.

Court Reporter Services for Other Matters

If parties desire to have other matters reported, they must make their own arrangements with an outside court reporting agency.

Court Reporter Services Request when Court Fees and Costs are Waived

A party who has been granted a waiver of court fees and costs may request the services of an official court reporter for a proceeding for which a reporter is not normally available and for which electronic recording is not provided. A request must be made for each proceeding for which a reporter is requested and must be filed on local form G19075 with the clerk at least 10 calendar days before the date set for the proceeding, or at the time the proceeding is scheduled if less than 10 days away. See Yuba County Superior Court Local Rule 2.10.

Court Reporter Transcripts

A transcript of a court proceeding is a verbatim record of everything said in the hearing or trial by the judge, attorneys, witnesses, parties and others. If a hearing or trial was reported by a court reporter, the court reporter is responsible for preparing a transcript of the hearing as required by law or upon request. Except for transcripts prepared for certain criminal matters, all other parties requesting transcripts are required to pay the reporters for preparing transcripts at the rate prescribed by law.

Requesting a Transcript from a Staff Court Reporter

First, you must determine the name of the reporter, which will be listed towards the top of the “court minutes”. You should then call (530) 740-1800 and ask for the reporter by name.

The reporter will need the: (a) case name, (b) case number, (c) hearing date and time, and (d) name of judicial officer, as well as your name, mailing address, email address and daytime telephone number.

The reporter will provide an estimated or actual cost for the transcript and will discuss payment, the length of time it will take to complete the transcript, and delivery options. The reporter will not begin preparation of the transcript until payment is received.

Staff and Contract Court Reporters

The Court employs four permanent court reporters but also utilizes the services of additional certified contract reporters on a temporary, as-needed basis.

If you are looking for a contract court reporter for a hearing, look up “Reporters Court & Convention” in the Yellow Pages.

Employment with the Court

To be employed by the Court, a court reporter must possess a valid Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) license, which is granted to successful candidates who pass the two-day examination administered by the Department of Consumer Affairs of the State of California. We do not currently have any openings for court reporters, nor do we anticipate any in the near future.

To leave more about becoming a court reporter, visit the Court Reporters Board of California’s website

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